GB Plus PC Repair - Your IT Solution!


Do you fix broken / defective hard drives? 

No, we cannot repair broken or defective drives. However, if the drive is still under warranty, we can assist in getting your data from the drive and working with vendor on a replacement. Remember to keep a good, working backup daily or weekly! That will help you in the long run.

We have a nasty virus! How much to get rid of it? 

That is a question we hear a lot!! However, there is no 'magic bullet' for repairing / removing a virus. Some viruses are quite simple to remove. While others are quite NASTY! Bottom line, we cannot tell you how long it will take to remove a particular virus. It all depends on how deeply rooted in your system it is.

Do you sell desktops, laptops, and tablets? 

We do not sell laptops and tablets. However, we can assist you with the process. If you are looking to have a desktop computer custom built for you, we can assist with that. Contact Us for a quote!! Make sure you provide your needs, and any specs you may have.

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