GB Plus PC Repair - Your IT Solution!
It all began in 1991 at Cantor Fitzgerald Securities, One World Trade Center, NYC, NY. When they say "started at the bottom"....that was me. Worked in the mail room for 6 months before being transferred to the Communications Department.
From there I went to Systems, learning technical issues on the fly, and on the job. I found that I was a very quick and motivated learner of all things IT. Time flies..........

I am self-motivated, very dedicated to detail, and excel at complex projects. As a team, we want what's best for our clientele, and will strive to do just that. We can get it done for you in a courteous manner,  with effective solutions (and resolutions) abound. Not many jobs too big - or too small. We work one-on-one, or will train a hundred users on a project. One of the many facets of GB Plus is that we are able to maintain a slight edge over the competition due to the vast experience we bring to the table (25+ years and counting).

Without getting technical, we simply GET IT DONE!
Thanks for reading!  

George Boyce, Owner
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